Salsa Intocable Dance Team

Welcome to Salsa Intocable Dance Company!

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Salsa Intocable Dance Company!  We are a premier Salsa Dance Company based out of exciting Los Angeles!  Founded in 2008 by director/choreographer/producer Laura Luu, Salsa Intocable has gained a reputation for high-quality work, exciting choreography, stylish presentations, excellent results and professionalism.  We offer instruction in all Latin dances, specializing in Salsa for all levels from beginners to professionals.  Our instruction includes social dancing (for clubs and recreation), for the performance stage, competitions, college dance teams, and special occasions, such as your first wedding dance.  We have on-going studio and club classes, as well as performance teams who are available for corporate, private and mainstream salsa events.  We invite you to learn more about our award-winning staff and dancers and contact us directly any time.


Intocable is pronounced "in-toe-kah-blay" (Click to hear Pronounce) and means “untouchable” in Spanish.  As a dance team, being “intocable” motivates us to excel beyond our expectations  and work harder everyday to reach our best potential in our performances, professionalism and quality relationships with one another.


At Salsa Intocable, we believe in maintaining the highest quality in all of our dancers and presentation WHILE having a lot of fun as a team and a family. The friends we make here become our family and the bonds created here last a lifetime.  We believe the relationships we form with one another in conjunction with the focused and individual attention from our instructors help you succeed!  We believe that there is always time for dance in your life.  Our careers, personal life and the day-to-day stress can be balanced by the joy and release that dance gives to create a full life experience.


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The art of dance is something that moves us and inspires us, but what make salsa dance so special is the fact that it is a true lead & follow partner dance.  Learning to trust another person by connecting with them and interpreting the music and movement is an experience that is unlike any other.  To be part of this type of dance means being part of a larger team.  Understanding team work is central to what we do here.  We understand that we cannot accomplish anything of extraordinary measure without the power of teamwork.  Dancing has taught us how to connect to one another, how to trust another person and how to achieve personal success as a result of that relationship.  What we have learned here as part of a team helps us in all parts of life, because relating at a higher level with one another helps us in our relationships at work, in our family and personal life and in our larger communities.  

Joining SIDC is one of the greatest decisions I have made in the past year! I have learned so much as a dancer, had the opportunity to perform at numerous venues throughout Los Angeles and beyond, and most notably, made a great new group of friends. The people that come through SIDC are remarkable – friendly, easy to get along with, helpful, willing to work together for the best possible outcomes, and hilarious! There is never a dull moment – I truly look forward to each opportunity to be with my teammates, whether at a rehearsal, a show, or just a fun hangout event. I am proud to be a member of a dance company as respected as SIDC.
Alyssa Mayfield-Hom, Salsa Intocable Performance Team